When you’re only renting a place, making big modifications such as changing the flooring isn’t always allowed. And if it is, would you really want to invest your money on a place that isn’t yours? If ugly flooring keeps you from inviting people over, the solution to your problem is simple. Take note of the following:

 3 More Ways to Hide Ugly CarpetingImage Source: Flickr

Give it friends and make it look intentional

If your carpet is hopelessly ugly an unusual shade, don’t ignore it, play it up even if it’s not your favorite color. An avocado green rug stands a good chance if it has good company in the form of green throw blankets, toss pillows, picture mats, artwork, wallpaper etc. Even a relatively neutral rug can be made to look even more intentional when its shade is picked up elsewhere as in picture 8, where designer Phoebe Howard repeated the natural golden hue in picture mats, artwork, window shades, and upholstery. The very best way to draw negative attention to it is to make it the odd man out. Source: ApartmentTherapy

Furniture choices and placement is key

Furniture is oftentimes the star of the room, and this is good news for you if you have a room with terrible carpeting or awful wall color/wallpaper. By selecting furniture that catches the eye or is fairly large, you will essentially make it so you and others see less of that wall or carpet. So while the type of furniture you select is important, so is its placement. If there is a particular spot on the wall or floor that is unsightly, putting furniture over it or in front of it is a great idea. Also, placing tall or large furniture up against the wall is a great way to hide wallpaper or ugly colors. Source: RentHop

Cleaning may be all that’s needed

Last but not least, try having the carpeting professionally cleaned if it hasn’t been done in a while. Oftentimes, carpet color can look dingy and darker due to dust, dirt and regular wear-and-tear, especially in high-traffic areas. A professional carpet cleaning can lift out a lot of grime that may have settled deep in the carpet, and can leave your floors looking lighter, fresher, and all-together better. While cleaning cannot change the specific pile or color of your carpeting, it can improve something you are otherwise stuck with! Source: ForRent

Why not ask your landlord to solve the flooring problem instead? We can help figure out if they need to have the carpet repaired or replaced. Contact us!