Make your home a much safer and cozier place for you and your family this new year. Create a list of resolutions and start with the following:

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your HomeImage Source: Flickr

Deep clean the carpet

If you want your carpet to look tip-top for 10-plus years, a yearly deep clean is essential. Not only will it help your carpet look its best, but carpet cleaning also removes pollutants and helps prevent mold and mildew growth — especially in areas with high humidity levels. Source: AngiesList

Cut down your energy bill

How about trying to improve the planet as well while you’re improving yourself? Going green could be a great way to make this year truly remarkable. You could start with solar panels or a hybrid car but those are not the only things that can make a difference.

Learn to properly recycle, remember to turn off lights while you’re not using them and turn the taps off when you’re brushing your teeth. This way, you’ll not only contribute towards a better planet but also cut down your bills significantly.

You can trim energy use by sealing and insulating your ductwork. This increases the efficiency of your heating and cooling system by almost 20%. It will make your home more comfortable and also extend the life of your furnace, heat pump and air conditioner. Source: Lifehack

Don’t buy anything you don’t need                                                      

Refuse to buy anything unless you have a specific need or place for it. All of the decluttering in the world can’t make up for simply bringing less stuff into your house. Choose to start a new habit this year of spending more mindfully. Depending on your current shopping habits, this can be challenging to get used to, but it is worth the effort. Each time you find yourself considering a purchase, ask yourself whether you really need the item. If it’s a decor item and not purely functional, bring it home only if you love it and know exactly where you will put it. Source: Houzz

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