Have you ever experienced cleaning your carpet or having it professionally cleaned only for the stain to come back after a few days? Find out why this kind of stain keeps on coming back as you continue reading this article below:

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Soiling occurs when residue is left behind on the carpet fibers from the carpet cleaner used to treat the original stain.  If not completely rinsed and blotted, the residue becomes sticky and attracts dirt and soil to the same spot, which can cause look like the stain has returned.

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The other and much more common cause of spots reappearing is called wicking. If a spill or stain goes down deep into the fibers and particularly if it goes through the backing to the padding under the carpet it is going to be really hard to clean that spot out. What you see as the stain on the top of the carpet is kind of like the tip of the iceberg. You can clean up that part visible on the surface but a part of the remaining hidden stain wicks up to take its place. This does not happen immediately, it takes hours or even days. The stain needs to be moist to do this, which why certain types of stains like oil stains will come back easily. One of the biggest headaches for professional carpet cleaners is when after deep cleaning a carpet, a stain that was in the backing and we did not even know was present wicks up to the surface after we leave. Any stain that is bigger than about the size of a hand is one that could sink down to the backing and wick back up later. Source: EzineArticles

What to do?

Correcting recurring spots may simply require a thorough rinse. Other times, specialized cleaning agents and more intensive cleaning techniques are needed.

As carpet cleaning professionals, we can’t guarantee that re-soiling and soil-wicking will never happen. But if your spots do return, please call us. A reliable carpet cleaning service will find the cause and the solution to keep these stains from coming back. Source: AngiesList

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